Monday, April 1, 2013


Major league baseball kicked off today with some experts giving the Washington Nationals a more than even chance to make it for the first time to the World Series.

The Nationals blanked the Miami Marlins 2-0, sweet revenge for last year’s Game 5 loss that ended their storied march to the championships.

They’ve been building up their bench since last year but the Nats is one of only two Major League Baseball franchises that have never played a World Series (the other, the Seattle Mariners).

They’re now trying to build interest for the team because DC sports fans are notoriously ambivalent to their major league team (luckily they changed their name from the “Senators” in 2005 because with the popular sentiment against Capitol Hill, some jest that could have exacerbated the disinterest).

The drive to pull more people to the bleachers could also boost the river taxi business of Filipino-American Shaun Guevarra, the 30-year-old Georgetown entrepreneur who launched American River Taxi (ART) in 2010.

Born in Canada but now an American citizen, Guevarra has gambled on DC’s river front development, an ambitious project to draw billions of fresh investment to the banks of the Potomac River.

His business model relies heavily on the increased traffic that might be generated by the real estate push on the Potomac, including baseball fans streaming to the relatively brand new Nationals Park (that seats over 40,000) on busy South Capitol Street SE, near the Anacostia River.

Driving there and hunting for parking is a masochist’s dream. It’s especially harrowing when it overlaps with the rush hour. Most park somewhere else and take the Metro. Guevarra’s river taxi offers an alternate, more relaxed way of getting to and from Nationals Park.

ART provides river taxi service between Georgetown, the SW Waterfront and Diamond Teague terminal at Nationals Stadium.

Expectations for the Nationals are high – with what is widely regarded as the deepest pitching staff in the MLB today: Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmerman; backed up by a bench that include 2012 National League Rookie of the Tear Bryce Harper (who delivered the two home-runs this afternoon).

The Nats finished 98-64 last year, the best in the MLB. They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to become the first Washington-based team to advance post-season in 79 years and later clinched the National League East Division title only to be stopped from moving up the ladder by the Marlins. They play the 2nd of their 3-game series on Wednesday.

Both Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine have picked the squad to win the World Series.

So next time you're going to a Nationals game, travel in comfort; use the water taxi.

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