Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Fil-Ams are struggling to come to grips with the tragic death of a 2-year-old girl who was allegedly thrown from a 6-storey walkway by her own grandmother at the Tysons Corner shopping complex Monday evening.

Toddler Angelyn Ogdoc died from injuries she suffered from the fall.

Fairfax, Virginia police arrested her grandmother, Carmela Dela Rosa and is holding her without bail at the County Adult Detention Center. She has been charged with murder.

The Associated Press quoted Fairfax County Police spokeswoman Tawny Wright as saying that Dela Rosa was leaving the mall with the toddler and two other adult relatives when she suddenly picked up Angelyn and threw her over the railing.

The family reportedly has Filipino roots.

The tragedy sent chills up the spine of Northern Virginia residents. It’s drawing wide media attention, partly because of questions about what triggered the tragedy.

The girl’s father, James Ogdoc works at a Starbucks store in Tysons Galleria which is where the family was reportedly coming from crossing the walkway to the garage building.

James is also a student at the George Mason University where he is pursuing a psychology degree.

Co-workers tell us Angelyn would sometimes visit her father at work, and although they know the girl’s mother, they can’t remember seeing the grandmother there.

They described Angelyn as well-behaved and quiet. “She would always smile when she looks at her father,” one co-worker said.

Carmela Dela Rosa lived with her husband and son in a Fairfax home.

Dela Rosa’s neighbor, Russell Jackson described them as a “happy family”.

He often saw Angelyn there (James and his family live in Falls Church) where Carmela reportedly left the window blinds open so Carmela and Angelyn could wave at passersby.

“She would encourage the toddler to throw kisses to her neighbors,” Jackson told the Associated Press.

Some Fil-Ams still find it difficult to believe the reports and appeal to the public to withhold condemnation of the grandmother until the entire facts are established, and a credible answer can be given to that most troubling question – why?

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